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Blom Company Oy is the management’s trusted and knowing partner in recruiting and organizational development. The company has 20 years of experience in management recruiting, direct searches and personnel evaluations. To find the best person, we utilise an extensive knowledge of business and different industries and our contact network that has been created during decades.

Through modern information acquisition, we can better than ever map out and reach potential candidates. We find and recognize your company’s future makers!


Direct search

Is best suited for top and middle management recruiting. Direct search is especially suitable when you want to recruit quietly, due to competitive factors, for example. With direct search, you can also reach those people at the top management level who are not actively seeking work themselves.

In direct search, we approach only a select group of people with a background suitable for the position, carefully chosen in advance. Contacts to candidates are made in absolute confidentiality and professionally.

The direct search process starts with thorough familiarisation with the customer’s situation and business; what kinds of results do we want to achieve and how do we want to achieve them. An applicant profile for a successful selection is defined based on a thorough analysis.

Through our solid experience, we are able to recognise the right candidates and attract their interest in the open position. We make the direct contacts to candidates. We create a credible image of the company and give the right kind of information about the position and the opportunities and expectations offered by it to the chosen candidate.

When a suitable group of top candidates has been recognised, we interview it together with the customer. A natural and close cooperation with the customer ensures the creation of the best possible solution with regard to the company’s strategy.

We perform thorough psychological personnel evaluations for top candidates. We have a clear opinion of the candidate’s ability and suitability for the position. The evaluation is carried out by a certified psychologist with a certificate for performing psychological personnel evaluations. In top management level evaluations, we emphasise strategic thinking, personnel management, execution, decision-making ability and interest group management.

We verify the person’s reference information. We give our work a guarantee, which is one year.

FOR THE APPLICANT: if you want to participate in the direct search, leave your CV and contact information. We handle them in absolute confidentiality.

Advertisement search

A public advertisement search is an effective way to recruit. The search process can be executed with the keys-in-hand principle, which leaves you with time to focus on your own business. Public advertising is suitable when you want to reach a large target group and achieve positive visibility for your company. Successful media choices advance the company’s image and attractiveness as an employer.

Combination search

The best possible coverage for the search process is achieved when the advertisement and direct searches are combined. In that case, also those kinds of people, who do not follow job advertisements but whose interest in the position can be arisen through personal contact, can be reached.

Personnel evaluations

A suitability evaluation in connection with recruiting, when you want to make sure that the person is suitable for the position or when you want to choose the best suited candidate for the position out of many candidates

Resource mappings to discover development potentials, aid successor planning or in organisational change situations

The evaluation is performed by a certified psychologist with a personnel evaluation certificate. We use agile, reliable and modern evaluation devices.

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Contact information

Seija Blom
CEO, M.Sc (Psychol.), MBA

+358 44 9765 512

  • 20 years of experience in recruiting, top management and middle management direct search, advertisement and combination searches, personnel evaluation, organizational development processes and  outplacement.
  • 1995- 2014  Personnel Group, Consultant Manager, Senior Partner
  • personnel evaluation certificate
  • experience in management group and board of directors work, joint municipal authority management tasks